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Offered by Carbuffs, Inc. of Concord, Ca.

1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible

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Just consigned by the original owner. Factory regimental red exterior with red interior and white convertible top. Ordered by the owner when he got back from Vietnam from John P. Serpa Buick/Pontiac in Martinez, Ca. This GTO has lived at the same address its entire life. Original matching #'s 400 engine and Turbo 400 transmission have approximately 1,000 miles on them since rebuilt 10 years ago. Paint was redone in the original red 10 years ago as well and still presents well with a few minor chips. The majority of the interior was redone this month. Original radio works. The only thing missing that was originally ordered on the car is the 8 track player that was stolen years ago. Convertible top is in great shape and has a recent motor installed, works great. Runs and drives great. Not perfect but is a very nice car with known history. Photos below include the original purchase order and sales contract plus pictures of the car and owner in 1967 and currently.

Please call 9 2 5 - 8 9 9 - 2 6 4 8 for more info.

All trade-ins considered.

I do not offer in-house financing but will gladly work with your bank or credit union.

Indoor Showroom!

Quality Consignments Accepted

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