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Offered by Carbuffs, Inc. of Concord, Ca.

1934 Ford Deluxe 4dr Sedan

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Just consigned by the long time owner. Original dark blue car with what appears to be one repaint in the original color in the late 1950's. Completely original interior. Current owner has had the car since 1970. Just removed from long time storage. Items addressed to get the car roadworthy were - new waterpumps, tailpipe and muffler, gas tank, and fuel pump. The rims were powdercoated and new tires mounted. Engine was rebuilt in the late 1960's and has less than approx. 2k miles on it. The car was from the Novato, Ca area originally and has no rust we can find. Runs excellent and as smooth as a sewing machine. Clutch feels fine and transmission shifts easily. Fuel gauge and speedo are currently not working. These all steel original cars are getting very hard to find and to find one in this condition is rarer yet. The 1934 plate on the car in the photos is an original plate to this car but when the current owner registered the car in 1976 he had to get new blue plates(seen in the photos on the rear floor) because he only had 1 original plate. (California requires 2 plates) The car is currently registered.

Please call 9 2 5 - 8 9 9 - 2 6 4 8 for more info.

All trade-ins considered.

I do not offer in-house financing but will gladly work with your bank or credit union.

Indoor Showroom!

Quality Consignments Accepted

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